Top5* Mini Best Sewing Machine in India under 5000

When you are planning to buy an appliance, you always try to buy the less expensive one as you don’t have any experience using those appliances ever before. Today I am going to provide you with the list of best sewing machine in India under 5000.

Under the budget of 5000, you cannot buy very fancy and modern sewing machines but you will definitely find sewing machines which will fit your basic requirements.

Those machines will obviously not be huge and bulky ones. Instead, you will find all the small structural designs, mini and portable machines under 5000. There are very rare such machines which will be heavy. Further, I will provide you with best mini sewing machine in India under 5k Inr.

     Our Recomendation

    DONYER Electric          Sewing Machine
        [ Best** ]

Kliznil Multi-Crafting Mini 

Usha Ayush Sewing Machine [ Manual ]

What can we expect under 5000rs sewing machine?

Basic stitching types
You will definitely find the basic stitching types like a straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, hemstitch, and buttonhole stitch. You cannot expect the machine to have a range of stitching types. The buttonhole stitch will take longer strips than usual.

Stitching speed
Make sure that the machine you are purchasing comes with a stitching speed of more than 500 stitches per minute. Most of the machines under 5000 RS will provide you with 500 stitching speed. This is the required speed and if compared with the expensive machines, then 500 is way too slow. But if you choose a speed less than that then it will be time-consuming and you will probably lose interest in sewing further.

Weight and Size-
The machine should be light weight and the size should be small which can easily fit on the corner of the table. As the budget is small, most of the machines are small , mini and portable.

The warranty should be provided with any appliances you purchase and not only a sewing machine. So always keep in mind if the company does not provide you with any warranty then you should not opt for that appliance. The sewing machine should have a minimum of 1 year and maximum of 2 years of warranty available.

Worth It to Buy Best Sewing Machine in India Under 5000?

best sewing machine in india under 5000
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If you are a beginner who want to learn simple stitching techniques in order to sew small projects like alter you clothes, tighten your clothes, reduce the size , add another cloth

and so on, you can definitely buy a sewing machine under 5000 RS. According to reviews, these are very handy to use, easy to carry, works smoothly under soft clothes, and have long durability. So yes, it is worth buying a sewing machine under 5000.

Top5* MINI Best Sewing Machine in India Under 5000

1. DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine

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DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine is portable and mini with 12 Built-in Stitches, 2 Speeds Double Thread, Embroidery and Foot Pedal. It is considered as best for beginner. The machine also comes with a cutting knife and LED light , reverse key and a. Mini drawer at the back side of the machine to store needle or threads. The machine weighs about 3 and a half kilogram.

The manual of the machine provide you with instructions about how to thread correctly without messing up by entangling which is easy to understand.It is considered as good enough for home use,It is difficult to sew over doubled folded cloth and cannot see that easily on denim clothes. In fact it the machine rips the denim cloth.

2. Kliznil Multi-Crafting Mini Sewing

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The stitching machine comes in Mini size . It is portable and saves space for you. It is easy to use This sewing machine comes with Double Thread and has 12 Built-In Stitch Patterns. Automatic Thread Rewind.
It has Speed sewing and you can also switch to slow, fast sewing, it also come with a sewing light, can mending your jeans, curtains, bags, bed linings, and insoles Good for beginners and everyday sewing projects.

3. BATTIFE Mini Sewing Machine

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This small sewing machine has mini size and compact structure, easy to use and store. Great for beginner and tailors daily use at home or travel .The weight is approx 7lb .It comprises of 12 kinds of stitches which includes straight line, curve and pattern design, suitable for all kinds.

Also , it can do double-line sewing, strong and durable stitches. A good machine for beginners .Works great on small projects like making masks and fixing clothes .Very light weight and compact , easy push button and understood instructions. You have to change the needle time to time because it can break the needle . It is little low therefore the features are low too.

4. Singer Tailor Deluxe Straight Stitch Hand Sewing Machine (Black)

4Singer Tailor
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Singer tailor delux straight stitch sewing machine comes with jeans needle. It can also stitch denim and jeans cloth. The weight of the machine is about 18 kilograms therefore it is not portable and can be fixed at one place.
It is a hand operating machine which has a roller . It has an attached huge and bulky base at the bottom. This machine has been given an old design .

It is a good product If you are willing to work from home and has easy functions.The product is up to the mark and is very solid and efficient to work with .

5. Usha Ayush Sewing Machine

5Usha Ayush Sewing Machine
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The Ayush sewing machine is amongst the most economical in the straight stitch category and offers all the features that are needed for basic stitching. Screw type Pressure adjustment for controlling needle bar pressure.
It also has an automatic tripping bobbin winder for uniform winding. It comes with a holder at the corner of one sides of the machine and is hand operator machine. The weight of the machine is 9 kilograms . It is a portable machine

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Which sewing machine is best for home use?

If you are looking for a sewing machine which you can simply use at home without any issues of weight and daily place it over your pillow and work on it , then DONYER POWER Sewing Machine is undoubtedly the best machine for home use. It is light weight and easy to function.

What is the best singer sewing machine ever made?

Singer Tailor Delux is the best singer sewing machine ever made since is consists of a metal frame . It is also has a great demand for home use and works on a light weighed denim because it has a jeans needle . Jeans needle basically works on little thicker clothes.

Are old sewing machines worth any money?

Old sewing machines are mechanical (manual )where your bodily energy was required to press the presser which was located under feet , for some machines they were located under palm. Those machines are also worth money if you have null knowledge about electronic appliances. Those machines a usually preferred by senior citizen to pass their time by stitching clothes. You can experience the old way of stitching and if you are homesick then this machine is worth your money. You call also sell your old sewing machine and earn some money . In both the ways , old sewing machines are worth some amount of money.

What is the best most valuable singer sewing machine?

Singer Tailor Delux us absolutely worth the price because it works smoothly over denims and light jeans including all the basic features. None of the low budget works over denim and that causes a problem to sew thick clothes. In fact this machine is having more features than any ordinary beginner sewing machine.

Are old sewing machines better?

No, old machines tend to malfunction sooner and the amount of money you will spend in the maintenance and servicing will cost you a good quality whole new sewing machine. Also if you are only buying machine for small projects, than Electronic and automated mini machines are perfect. I would like to suggest you to buy the BATTIFE Mini Sewing Machine . It is totally portable, easy to use and fits into the basic requirements of sewing machine. Also it has a cute drawer where you can store your threads , needles or hooks which will help you from misplacing your materials.


In the end, I would thank the readers and hope this has given you even more information and will help you to find best sewing machine in India under 5000. I have also suggested the best sewing machine so you can also buy the same or there are many more options available above, you can also choose one from them and purchase according to your requirement.

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