Top7* Best Sewing Machine Under ₹10000 in India 2021

Sewing has become a very important part of many people because sewing reduces the biggest issue faced by people and that is clothes. Here I am going to show you a list of best sewing machine under 10000 INR in India.

As I told you above, sewing helps you to innovate your owns designs, patterns, looks which are uniquely yours. Because of sewing you can also set your own different personality, and also earn by your talent of sewing. Without taking any more of your time, I would love to suggest to you few of best sewing machine under 10000 Rupees in India as of 2021.

     Our Recomendation

Usha Janome Dream Stitch

    Brother JA 1400

      Singer 8280

Worth It to Buy sewing machine in india under 10000?

Yes, it is absolutely worth buying a sewing machine.

Sewing Machines are not very expensive . Sewing machines save your time which you spend travelling all the way to your tailor .

It also allows you to get innovative. You can explore and create ideas for your outfits. Sometimes it becomes difficult to explain the tailor, your desired pattern, and it results in a totally different dress.

With the help of sewing machine you can work anytime at home without considering the time Sewing machine are easy to understand and access. There are well known designers , who began with a sewing machine and created their ideas .

Also sewing machines are not heavy and easy to carry. Being portable is an advantage because you can take it away with you at your workplace or any other place and use it.

Top7* Best Sewing Machine Under 10000 in India

1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

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It is an Automatic zig-zag sewing machine with compact free arm. One dial for pattern selection. 7 built-in stitches including 4-step button holing , 14 applications including lace fixing, quilting, smocking, zip fixing and rolled hemming. Auto tripping bobbin system; drop feed for embroidery, automatic needle threading and a sewing light . Sewing speed is 860 SPM also has Stitch length control, Triple strength stitch with a Warranty of 2 years.

✔️ Worth the cost.
✔️ Warranty for 2 Years

2. Brother JA 1400 Electric Sewing Machine, White

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Compact and easy to use design makes it perfect for sewing and mending. Equipped with LED lighting for bright and easy sewing. Features top load bobbin for convenient setting and maintenance with a clear view. It also includes 4 step button hoping . Comprises a foot controller for precise control over the stitching speed. LED lighting for bright and easy sewing, as well as top load bobbin for easy setting. Sewing speed is 750 per minute.

✔️ Advanced features Rigid foot controller
✔️ Runs smoothly.

3. Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

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Sewing machine includes all the basic features you need to create almost any project. Basic and decorative stitches include an automatic buttonhole, simple stitch selection and the included darning plate allows your imagination to become reality. Easy threading and an automatic bobbin winder make set-up a breeze. Four included presser feet (all-purpose, buttonhole, button sewing and zipper) are easily accessible in the accessory storage drawer that can be removed to create a free arm for stitching in hard-to-reach areas Includes 6 Basic, 1 Decorative and 1 Automatic 4-Step Buttonhole. The accessories are conveniently stored in the removable storage compartment providing easy access. With a 2 year warranty.

✔️ Overall good features.
✔️ Has a good metal frame.
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4. Usha Janome Marvela 60-Watt Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Marvela 60 watt
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Sewing machine with color coded face plate and 7 in-built stitches Compact and portable with handle. It has a auto trip bobbin winder and thread cutter on the needle bar. Plus applications including lace fixing, quiliting, rolled hemming, smocking etc. Includes sewing light with switch. Thread cutter at the needle bar and a four step button holing and free arm for circular stitching with single touch reverse stitch . The Weight is 5 kilograms. Sewing Speed is 550 stitches per minute. Warranty will be given by Usha International Ltd.

✔️ Convenient
✔️ Comfortable

5. Juki HZL-27Z Sewing Machine

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Juki is a simple yet robust machine that can tackle most all of your sewing needs. This compact machine will sew light weight fabrics to denim with ease. The extended throat distance and longer sewing bed contribute to an improvement in form as well as function. The large, easy-to-use stitch selection dial, oversized reverse feed lever, and white LED light make using this machine a breeze. With all of its great features,2 extra Feed Dogs are located in front of the needle entry hole. It weighs5.9 KGS.

✔️ Great pressure movement through feet. Needle threader is delicate and prone to damage.
✔️ Easy and understood instructions.

6. Usha New Marvela Pink Electric Sewing Machine-Pink and White

Usha New marvela Pink Electric Sewing Machine-Pink
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This Electric and embroidery sewing machine is compact and portable with handle. Color coded face plate and 7 in-built stitches Applications including lace fixing, quilting, rolled hemming, smocking. Thread cutter at the needle bar Four step button holing and free arm for circular stitching with single touch reverse stitch. With a weight of 7 Kilograms and a 2 year warranty.
This product is similar to the first product with a different color and advanced functions and some extra weight .

✔️ Amazing performance.
✔️ Has good embroidery options

7. Brother JA20 Electric Sewing Machine (White)

It is for simple st. Stitch and zig-zag stitch with led light, top load bobbin , 3 needle position and open arm sewing with 6 kg 950 g and also consists of Foot controller, Instructional DVD, Varied Accessories.

✔️ Good machine for home use .
✔️ Good compact machine.

Safety tips for using a sewing machine.

Safety tips for using a sewing machine
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Make sure to keep a certain distance from the machine to prevent any mishap. Make sure you tie your hair while using the machine to avoid entangling your hair into the parts of the machine. Do not go too close to the machine while you are working on it. Place your fingers away from the needle while using it.

Avoid food
Do not allow yourself to eat while working, because you might unknowingly drop some food items into the machine which might show some negative outcomes later. Totally avoid water and keep it as far as possible, as the machines are Electronic, you should always play safe.

Clean the machine-
If you are using your machine on daily basis, then do clean your machine weekly with a dry cloth to avoid dust particles getting in contact with your machine. You should also clean your machine every month and also Service your machine yearly for smoother performance.

Use Clean materials-
Do not use rusty needles for your machine, always use clean materials.
Make sure you have tacked the thread properly into the hook or else the machine will not work smoothly. Also, avoid the use of broken needles and pins.

Buying guide of- Best Sewing Machine in India Under 10000

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Further I am providing you with a list of basic things you should consider before buying a sewing machine.

Electronic/ Automatic or Manual/ Mechanic-
Before jumping to buy sewing machine first confirm with yourself which type of machine you want to buy. Automatic machines has a press button to start the sewing . They might be electrical or working on batteries. They are time savers. Manual machines comprises of a presser under foot or under palm. You need to press a desired force on the presser to sew . These machines needs effort and Manila work. Once you know which machine is comfortable for you , you can go and have your choice.

The speed of the stitches plays a vital role in a sewing machine. If the machine is not fast enough or makes very less number of stitches tune you will automatically lose interest in stitching further. The stitching speed for a regular sewing machine should be 500 and above stitches in one minute. This should be the minimum speed of both electrical and manual machine.

Types of stitches-

No matter the machine is advanced or regular, there are some basic stitches should be embedded in every machine.

Stretch straight – This stitch is basically used on anything you need to be secure after much use. It’s a precision stitch and you want a machine that can produce it correctly.


Blind hem – This make hems that can be barely seen.


Tri-motion – This stitch is used over edges to prevents ripping.


Buttonhole – A one step button hole option is usually used in curtains.


Zig Zag – This stich is done to secure the edges. This stitch Is down when you wear a particular cloth for multiple times and wasn’t to save it from tearing apart sooner. This is stitch is down on the edges if you observe your clothes.

Straight stitch – This is also called running stitch and is the very basic stitch which can be down by hand is well. This stitch is embedded in every machine.    

Size and weight-
Size and weight is another important factor because that can cause a issue for you time. If you want to carry your machine for work than go for a light weight and portable sewing machine. If you stay at home all the time you can go for a bit bulky machine too. Although, a mini multitasking sewing machine is preferable by most of the people.

Warranty and Service-
Ensure to purchase good quality products with warranty and servicing facilities. Do not run for cheap and low quality products because if that machine stops working , you will gradually lose your money and the responsibility will not be taken by the company. Always go for good products with Warranty and guarantee services.

If you are buying a machine for the first time don’t go for an expensive machine as you don’t know the pros and the cons of using the machine. Always go for a budget friendly machine so you can also manage the maintenance of the machine as well. If you are buying online, go through the review section if the previous customers.

▶️ Usha or Singer Machine Which is Best for You?


Which is the best sewing machine in india under 10000?

According to me , singer and Usha both have aced in quality, and features. They both have a good number of sales and have delivered over lakhs of happy customers. I would suggest you to buy a sewing machine from one of these two well known brands for sewing machines.

Which brand of sewing machine is best?

As I told in the above question that both are perfect but on the basis of research, Usha has been recommended by a huge amount of people. As Usha was known before singer, most if the people prefer Usha sewing machines. According to my personal opinion too , Usha is the best sewing machine.

What is the best and cheapest sewing machine?

Usha has a range of sewing machines from regular to fancy ones. You can always opt for Usha. Besides Usha, you can also buy brother sewing machine because they are best if you are looking for cheap and long lasting quality .
I would suggest you to buy a brother sewing machine but Usha at prior.

Can I use regular sewing machine for quilting?

No, never . Regular machines are designed very different from quilting machines and so regular sewing machines cannot afford to have quilting. There are different machines for quilting, embroidery which are specifically designed for those features.

How often should I have my sewing cleaned or serviced?

It totally depends on the usage of the machine. If you use it daily then ensure to clean it with a soft cloth or dry sponge every week. You should always clean your machines exterior parts monthly and call a professional for Service with a gap of 1 year . If the condition is bad enough then Service it in 6 months.


Here we come to the end , when it comes to choose that which is the best electric sewing machine for home , it gets really tricky to choose from so many vivid choices. I hope the information provided to you regarding sewing machine will help you to find a suitable best sewing machine under 10000 in India. I’ve undoubtedly picked the best ones so you don’t have to struggle. All the above recommendations are based on reviews and surveys so you need not to worry while choosing from one of them. Would love to know feedback regarding the same.

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